Thursday, January 27, 2011

Expo #03, Scandinavian Pavilions


Sweden Pavilion
Dandelion Ceiling
In the Swedish Pavilion
Our Environment (Before) Our Environment (After)
Before & After


The (real) Little Mermaid
Inside the Dannish Pavilion
A bit of Critical Mass by Peter Funch.
You'll find it here in his Danish Diaries.


Norway Pavilion
In the Norwegian Pavilion


Iceland Pavilion

My camera battery died by the time I visited the Iceland pavilion. I also saw the Finnish Pavilion later that day but couldn't take pictures :( Anyways, I'm so glad my Danish friend was with me so we could get into all these pavilions without dealing with the long lines!
I'm planning on making about 3 more Expo posts for Asia (+Pacific), Americas and Africa. Hopefully, I'll have enough self-command to finish that really soon haha.

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