Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hong Kong - Day 1

At the end of August, I had to go to Hong Kong to apply for my Chinese work visa. I stayed there for about 3 days and I'm glad the visa troubles were minimal and I was able to visit the city a bit :)

5:00 Rough wake up → 5:45 Taxi to the airport → 7:20 Late take off of our plane to Shenzhen

*A flight Shanghai - Hong Kong is way too expensive (cost of an international flight). Most people fly to Shenzhen, the mainland Chinese city right next to HK and then take a bus or train to HK. That's what we decided to do! Arriving at Jinggangshan 10:00 Stopover at Jinggangshan, Jiangxi province
On the way to Shenzhen

11:40 Arrival in Shenzhen, China → 12:00 Bus to HK (with stop at Chinese/HK border for immigration)
→ 14:30 Arrival in Wan Chai, HK → 15:00 Arrival in our hostel in Causeway Bay, HK

We had to almost run to the Visa office to make sure my Visa could be done if not in one day, at most in two! Luckily, we didn't have too much trouble finding the office and arrived there an hour before it was closing.
Buildings by the playground Southorn Playground Hong Kong street Sauna and Fins
About half an hour later we were out of the Visa office. We walked around Wan Chai and back to Causeway Bay.
A friend advised us to look up restaurants on the Open Rice website; best advice ever! By 20:00 we decided to go to an Indian restaurant, Aladdin's Mess, near Time Square for dinner. Causeway Bay
Causeway Bay at night Time Square, HK
View of Time Square from the restaurant. Dinner @Aladdin's Mess Dinner @Aladdin's Mess
We had a dinner set for two; it was delicious and unexpensive ;) Jardine's Bazaar
On our way back to the hostel, we did a little detour into Jardine's Bazaar. Nothing too exceptional, just cheap clothes, jewelry and souvenirs.

And thus concludes Day 1 :)


  1. Omgggg...fuuuuunnn!!! Indian food in Hong Kong. Who would've thought? Btw, who's 'we'??? o.O

  2. "We" at first included myself, the boy, his roommate and his rommate's two friends. However, once we arrived in HK we separated into 2 groups because we stayed at different hostels. We then realized that our Chinese phones didn't work in HK and from that point on, "we" was just the boy and me! :)

  3. the airplane pics! I always thought you weren't suppose to use cameras on airplanes o_O