Monday, November 7, 2011

HK - Day 2 (Central)

Weeks may have gone by, but I did not forget about the HK posts :)

Markets in Central
The second day, we started off by walking around the busy streets of Central, checking out the markets, going up the Mid-Levels Escalators, then a little detour in Soho, and lunch at Lin Heung Tea House.

Food in Central
Streets of Central
Hong Kong and Shanghai have a lot of similarities (nice and bright buildings next to the old, falling apart ones, for example), but with all the signs hovering over the streets, I thought HK had a stronger "Chinese" feel than Shanghai. I loved it!
Mid-Levels Escalators
Mid-Levels Escalators Shop in Soho
Going downhill in Soho Lin Heung Tea House
Dim Sum at Lin Heung Tea House - the place was crazy packed!
It was difficult to get some food at first but the locals at our table were nice enough to help us out. Lin Heung Tea House - full
Dim sum
Dim sum