Friday, January 18, 2013

McLaughlin Vineyards

McLaughlin Vineyards Wine Tasting McLaughlin Vineyards
My computer's been in the out for repair for over a week and I'm slowly going crazy! Good thing I still had these shots on my phone + a little help from Pixlr, here we are!

But on to this little post: A couple of days before Christmas, my family and I went on a late-afternoon adventure to the McLaughlin Vineyards for a little wine tasting (thanks, Living Social!). This winter-y view here doesn't seem like much but the property also includes a wooded hill on the other side of the house. Besides wines, the owners also make maple products (needless to say, we walked out of there with lots of food!) and organize outdoors-y events all year around. I just might have to go back for one of these events in the spring/summer and see what's going on up that hill!

Address: McLaughlin Vineyards - 14 Albert’s Hill Road, Sandy Hook, CT.

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