Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Here and There

I have successfully disappeared completely from my own blog! The last few months have been busy (that 9-to-5 life is something, huh!) but mostly in a good way. During that time, I have:
* Bought my first car, a Ford Fiesta ♥
* Been to NYC 3 times to see 3 old friends from different times of my life
* Went to Jones Beach for a weekend of beach fun and Kesha/Pitbull concert
* Been reunited with old addictions: Daft Punk, Arrested Development... and lots more to come this summer!
* Finally started watching Mad Men ;)

Brunch in the East Village Tim Horton's Colorful Kiss in NYC Colorful Kiss in NYC Jones Beach

I'm going on a little getaway to Vermont this weekend, I can't wait!

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