Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Expo #02, the French Pavilion

I've been really tired and sicky lately. Most of this post's pictures have been uploaded weeks ago and yet, I couldn't bring myself to make the post. Mille excuses!

From the France Pavilion

From the escalator
France Pavilion
Staff Uniform
By The Balcony
French Scenery

I really enjoyed the French Pavilion! I liked the French cultural components: some were cute like the French sceneries on screens and some were surprising like the original art specially brought from Parisian museums for the Expo, such as The Age of Bronze by Rodin. Of course, many brands had their own little display but it was done well and didn't overtake the whole atmosphere (unlike in some pavilions, tsk tsk).


  1. lol, love those pants the girl is wearing

  2. I expected to see a picture of you with a beret, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette in front of a replica of the Eiffel Tower. Disappointment!