Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fall 2010 Graduation

Last Friday was my school's Fall Graduation. The ceremony was both for Undergraduate and Graduate students International Programs and for the Chinese Language Program students. Since the language program is a "per semester" deal where students decide themselves how long they want to study Chinese, we get a certificate at the end of every semester. I was surprised to see how American this graduation was: the caps & gowns (for the Undergrad and Grad students) and the music were all there!

After the ceremony, my classmates, our three teachers and I went for a last meal together at a local Shanghainese restaurant. It was very emotional since many of my classmates are leaving China this winter to go back home. I, however, will be staying for another semester!

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  1. Pft! Lucky... We had a mini graduation with just the kids from the Beijing program and got little red books like that!