Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seoul - Day III

This post is looong overdue, oy. Classes started last week and ever since I've been spending countless hours doing homework. To frustrate me even more, the internet's been insanely slow. Anyways, enough whining. Here's Day III!

Three of us woke up early on Wednesday to get ready for a little trip outta town to 남이섬 Nami Island, little island where the Kdrama Winter Sonata partially takes place.

Day 3 - Breakfast sandwish
Breakfast sandwish with egg, bacon, cheddar, ketchup

Making 참치김밥
On our way to the subway, we picked up some 참치김밥 Tuna Gimbap for our picnic.

Day 3 Nami Island
After about two hours (I think?) of subway, train and little ferry, we arrived to Nami Island.

Little musicians On the way to Nami Island

Day 3 - Picnic on Nami Island
Our picnic: 참치김밥 Tuna gimbap, 떡 rice cake, cream filled bread, mandarin oranges, prunes,
Milkis (which I like to refer to as "Skittles juice") and beer.

떡 and dried prunes

After lunch, we went to the small Museum of Music to warm up a little.
Reading area
Korean traditional musical instruments

Still some snow on the ground

호떡 stand
호떡 Korean pancake with a (very) sweet filling

For early dinner we ate 닭갈비 barbecued chicken.
Cooked 닭갈비

We then went back to Seoul and headed to Myeongdong, another large shopping area. The amount of billboards with Korea's favorite pop stars freaked me out a little, but it's a fun place to shop (and possibly get lost in.)

Baskin Robbins for dessert

We treated ourselves to some Baskin Robbins for late dessert. The coffee and chocolate ice cream were free for some reason... we didn't mind, of course. :)


  1. Yummy! Everything looks so pretty and tasty!

  2. Baskin Robbins look so much better in Korea :)