Friday, July 27, 2012

Silver Sands

To Silver Sands State Park
Between two thunderstorms, I finally made it to the beach! Silver Sands State Park (+ beach) has to be the beach I go to the most in Southern CT.

Beach Heart Silver Sands
I don't really go there to swim or sunbathe.. To be fair, the sand is not the nicest and this is the Long Island Sound, NOT the Atlantic Ocean, but it's a nice place to just stroll on the boardwalk and relax for a bit. It's far enough from I-95 and other city noise to just escape from work/computer.

Silver Sands State Park Swamp As you would've guessed, this is part of a park, so you get the beachy feel + the foresty feel all in one place... with a little Dawson's Creek ambiance at certain angles. Bonus point: deer come out and say hi sometimes (or hang out by the road to scare you a bit).

Silver Sands State Park, Milford, CT

Wish you a great weekend! As for me, nothing planned yet besides going to see The Dark Knight Rises tonight!

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