Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY - Tshirt Makeover

Tshirt Makeover
Long time, no DIY, huh! I've been struggling with one particular project for a few weeks now (it feels like forever for me) and I decided to take a break from it and do something easier. This little makeover was inspired by A Pair & a Spare's Cut-Out Tank Top Tutorial but adapted a little for a gym shirt - so less cleavage and side-boob.

Tshirt Makeover
This makeover is really simple: cut out the sleeves and cut out the collar; cut along the shoulder seams to then twist the straps. Sew the straps back together and voila! Like I said above, I used a gym tshirt for this with the intention of making it a sleeveless gym shirt. So I didn't cut out a plunging neckline (not the right time/place for this kinda display) and therefore only twisted the straps twice each.

Tshirt Makeover I'm pretty satisfied with the end result. It's probably the easiest DIY/crafts thing to do.. but it's what my tired-crafty-novice self needed this week!

Have a great weekend!

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