Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seoul - Day I

I got back from my trip Saturday night and after 2 days of.. well, nothing, it's time for me to get started on the Seoul posts. To be honest, I originally told myself that I was going to put up pictures of Day I & II tonight but I'm already falling asleep. These posts are going to have too many boring details but that's because that's how V and Catherine enjoy their travel reports ;)

Monday 2/14, DAY I
Day 1 - Hongqiao Airport
My flight to Seoul was at 8:30am so I arrived very early at Hongqiao Airport. Unfortunately, my sleep schedule was completely screwed up (shifted to "on vacation" schedule) so I didn't succeed in sleeping before my flight. I arrived in Seoul Kimpo airport at 11:30am where Kyunmi (my old classmate and host during this trip) and two other Korean friends welcomed me.

We decided to take it easy for my first day and took a bus to the World Trade Center. We hung out in COEX Mall which was full of cool young Koreans, all wearing letterman jackets or that green coat, skirt + black tights + sneakers, etc. (What's up with that, really). We also ate lunch in the mall's bright food court and then watched Tangled.

Kimchi fried rice Rice omelette and pork
Udon, Kimchi fried rice, rice omelette and pork.

In late afternoon, Kyunmi and I made our way back to her family's apartment. The whole week I had trouble communicating with her parents and little sister because they didn't know much English or Chinese and I only knew a few Korean words. They were so sweet to me anyways. We ate bulgogi for dinner which I forgot to photograph BUT it will make an appearance on another day. Kyunmi and I passed out by 9:30pm while watching/making fun of Paradise Ranch.

The following days are much more eventful, ha! I was just too tired that day to handle anything more than that.


  1. Yayayayay!!! Travel report! Hehehe! I'm still jealous. I mean...you're already in friggin' China! And then taking holidays to Korea?? C'mon, gurl! That rice omelet looks super tasty.

  2. Hahaha! Well, Shanghai-Seoul plane tickets are not too bad ($200 or less) and my friend offered me a place to sleep. I had to take the opportunity ;)