Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My DIY Project - March

Pink yarn for my snood Snood My DIY project - March
And here it is! March project: completed!
I was inspired by Shini's Snood Brace a few months back and decided to make myself one, too. I opted for a small yarn, though, so my snood is not as bulky which fits me better, I think!

The yarn is by Manos del Uruguay (color 26) and I bought it during my New York visit, on a little detour to Purl Soho! It's a lovely (although pricey) store but I was surprised that during my 20-some minutes looking through their yarn selection, no salesperson checked up on me. While I don't like being harassed when I shop, isn't it customary to at least be greeted with a lil' "how are you? do you need help?"... eh, details.

On to the next one! I think April will be a month of jewelry making!

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